Project: Flagship Retail Creation
Client: Sarah & Sebastian
Location: Sydney
Discipline: Interiors | Retail | Fashion

“Our design for Sarah and Sebastian's first flagship store in Sydney's Paddington is as considered as their jewellery, a reflection of their values. There are three elements to our design:

The first is the minimalist glass box which we lined with mirror to represent the simplicity of their design. 

The second the beautifully detailed timber and copper jewellers bench, an expression of their craft.

The third the alchemy of the one way mirrors which magically unveil their treasures at the jewellers will.

 These three elements represent the sum of Sarah and Sebastian's work: minimal, crafted, magic.”

Mark Landini, Creative Director, Landini Associates



Our design challenges everything you know about retail.

When you enter the rectangular glass jewelry box, you cannot see any product. A mirrored wall conceals the jewelry collections, reflecting instead the heritage sandstone church across the square.

At the centre of the store a Amercian Walnut and copper jewelers bench is the central focus of the store, and the jeweler the first point of engagement upon entering.

Designed as an intimate shopping experience, the jeweller will talk customers through raw materials and process, then guide customers in finding the perfect piece.

Using a control switch, the jeweller can light up sections of the back 1 way mirrored wall to slowly reveal the collections one at a time.

The store is the Australian jewelry brand’s first venture into retail. Like their online model, pieces will be made to order, with only a very small core range carried in store. In stark contrast to commercial mass market, every piece is made in the brand’s Alexandria based studio, or in their Paddington store in full view of the public.

Our scope of work included concept, interior design, furniture design (jewelers bench) and documentation.